Thursday, February 4, 2010

Welcome to the new Lisa Leese Photography blog!

It's been revamped, updated, remodelled, and renovated!!!! I tore down the old blog and built a new one and am super happy with what I came up with. Gosh, lemme tell you .. it was not easy. I've never built a website and here I was experimenting with zero experience under my belt. Yikes! I must admit that I have a new found respect for website designers. I never knew it was a such a tedious and involved process. I constantly had to stop for a breather and pray for patience, patience and more patience. Don't get me wrong. It's not rocket science. Am not saying I am on the same level as Albert Einstein. But it's more on the level of defeating chicken pox. You know that feeling? You know ... you have these tiny, little, red blotches that irritate and bug the bejeezes out of you that you just wanna cry? That's how I felt working with css and html. Those little buggers are evil! hahahaha. But now it is done and over, *phew* and it's just feels soooo soooo awesome!!! Plus, I get to see the fruits of my labor. Double yeay!

The image above was my inspiration for the new design. The walnut orchards in Chico were too enticing that I had my husband stop the car so I could jump out and snap this. The colors just spoke to me. The yellows and oranges were so lovely and I knew I had to incorporate them in the new blog. So, I toyed around with lots of designs and this is what evolved. Like my new logo as well? I LOOOVED making it --- it was the best part of this whole process. That and picking the background. :) Now, I just have to adapt the logo to use them on my photos themselves. Plus, this site still have a few bugs that I have to fix. For instance, I seem to have lost comment-capability and listing who the post author is. I just can't figure it out at the moment. Ahhh ... the process never ends!

But at least now I can concentrate more on taking photos! :) Love it!

[Side note]:
If you are reading this post from an rss feed, feel free to check out the new site! You can find it at:

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Lisa's Picture of the Month
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