Monday, January 25, 2010

Winter Storms in California


This must be the 3rd week of rain for the bay area and I can't help but long for the bright, warm sun. I mean really ... where did the sun go? Is it on vacation? a strike? The winter blues are slowly creeping into my daily life and it's not pretty! Eeek!

However, my husband has an entirely different outlook on this kind of weather. This downpour of wet nastiness not only makes him smile ... it practically makes him giddy! Perhaps being an avid snowboarder makes all the difference. In Taylor's view, any drop of rain here in the east bay means only one thing --- awesome snow in Lake Tahoe!

So with a huff and a puff, I finally gave in and tagged along on one of his trips to the slopes of Lake Tahoe. Being a couple of months pregnant, I can't snowboard at all, but I did however enjoy the sites and had fun with family in the cabin. Plus, it helped a WHOLE LOT that Taylor was sweet enough to buy me a prenatal massage at Northstar. Yipeee! *Everybody wins!*

Check out this quaint store I found on one of our food runs:

I have this odd obsession with red bikes ... ask my friend Iza. haha!

Northstar loveliness ...


I couln't resist taking a picture of this cafe. It's window pane lists all the things I'm suppose to avoid while I am preg-o. Oh how I miss all of these drinks ...

So the lesson I learned from all of this --- Just EMBRACE the weather!! Work with it instead of fighting it, and you will still have fun! :) The End.

Lisa's Picture of the Month

Lisa's Picture of the Month
2 Months to Go!

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