Saturday, November 21, 2009

Homecoming -- Trip to Manila

As promised, I said that I would fill you in on the months wherein I horribly failed to blog. One such month is my birthday month, October! I was lucky enough to take a trip to the Philippines, the home I've been missing for ten (yes 10!!!) long long years. It was all so exciting because not only did I spend my 31st birthday there, but that visit ended my 10 year streak of Manila separation. YEAH!!!!


As you can guess, it was a really hectic trip for me. I basically spent the better part of October meeting up with missed relatives and dear friends. I tried to soak up every bleesed second and savor the new memories to compensate for the ones I missed. Needless to say it was all so overwhelming and I refused to lug my camera most of the time. Hello? I need my arms for all the hugs!

But by the time Taylor came 2 weeks later, it was the perfect time to bring out the gear and go sight seeing. It's Tay's first time to Asia -- so I had to take the tourist around. ;) So allow me to share a few photos of our mini trips around Manila. :)

1st stop: Tagaytay, where people go for good food and admire the scenery. Below is a picture of Taal volcano, which consists of a lake that surrounds a volcano island, which itself contains a lake! Pretty cool if you ask me. And it also reminded us of our trip to Greece since the scene was similar to Santorini's caldera. Cool huh?
Taal volcano 1

Taal volcano 2

When we got back to Manila, we drove by the Malate Church ....

... and Manila bay just to soak up the sights.
manila bay

Next stop: Old Manila. During the Spanish colonization of the Philippines from 1521 to 1898, the Spaniards build a walled city -- Intramuros. In current times, you can take a nostalgic walk around and admire the old stuctures, which expose their historic past.

old homes

Obviously, the tourist had a great time!
tay in fort

... watch out for part 2 of our trip!

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