Sunday, November 29, 2009

Homecoming -- Trip to Manila (Part 2)


One favorite part of our trip to the Philippines was going to the island of Boracay for some much needed beach time. I think the pictures below will speak for themselves on how absolutely beautiful it was over there. Granted it was overcast during our four day stay (because of crazy crazy typhoons), we still enjoyed what the place had to offer.


We especially loved riding on the local boats called "bangkas" and getting to island hop for half a day for only $15 per peson!
2 boats

On one of the islands, we got to check out the inside of a couple of caves!

... And enjoy spectacular views from the bamboo huts.
bamboo hut

But just as impressive were the hard-working people. Here is a kid who would paddle around where tourists snorkled and sell coconuts. :) Too bad I don't have a photo of the ice cream man selling from his boat.



A huge huge thank you to the Sanson family who let us stay at their resort. I hope we can come back someday! :)

Lisa's Picture of the Month

Lisa's Picture of the Month
2 Months to Go!

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