Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We have to start somewhere ...

Here goes nothing. My name is Lisa Alano-Leese, and I'm in the process of learning photography. I got my beginner camera. I got my hopes and dreams. And now I have this blog. Here I'd like to share my journey with photography and hope that its an exciting one!!!

Like many others, I love taking pictures of important get-togethers, celebrations and parties. I love looking back at old photos and reminiscing on good times that has passed. Isn't it precious to look back at high school pictures and think how simple life used to be? Remember how silly you used to look? How hilarious was the fashion we thought was so cool?

With that in mind and with the acknowledgment that life is indeed short (as you get older, it really hits you!), I want to go beyond your average photos. I want to learn how to take great photos -- the ones that truly move you. There are photos that remind you of the past but on the other end, there are photos
that bring you back and help you relive the moment. I aspire to create pictures filled with emotion and meaning. A picture is just not capturing a smile on a piece of paper. It is about capturing the essence of that fleeting second.

Contrary to what people say, photography is no piece of cake. No longer does it solely involve a click of button but there is so much to consider ... lenses, lighting, aperture, f-stop, compostition, editing techniques and so much more! There is so much technical information and skill required and I have no clue where to start! I had this grand illusion that it was simply having beautiful subjects, but now I'm discovering I was way off! But hey, we have to start somewhere. So here I am, and here is my new blog. This blog solidifies my commitment to this new hobby | chapter | endeavor of my life. Cheers! :D

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